Grocery Store Gouge

Things you should never buy at a grocery store

If you’re shelling out too much cash at the grocery store despite meal planning as a strategy against overspending, it’s time to revamp this approach. One way to do that? Avoid buying these sneaky budget busters.

  • Pre-cut Produce. Cutting fruit and veggies is a chore, but a necessary one if you want to stay on budget. Pre-cut produce is almost always more expensive than the uncut variety. As Money reports, a 14-ounce box of pre-cut celery sticks at a large grocery chain is $2.99. However, a celery stalk — which once cut would yield more than a pound of celery — is just $1.59.
  • Pre-packaged snacks. Just like pre-cut produce, pre-packaged snacks are more expensive than large, family/value bags of snacks. If you’re noticing a trend here, you’re right. Grocery stores know how much people like convenience, and they’ll make you pay dearly for it.
  • Houseware Items. Grocery stores pack their aisles with a lot more than just food. However, you’re better off focusing on food and nothing else. Houseware items, like plates and vases and more, are typically more expensive at grocery stores than at houseware stores like Home Goods.
  • Cooked Meat. Once again, the convenience of buying pre-cooked meat will cost you. A 12-ounce bag of roasted chicken breast at the aforementioned grocery chain costs about 46 cents per ounce. Meanwhile, a pound of raw chicken breast costs just 12 cents per ounce. Cook meat at home and you’ll save plenty.
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