Entertainment Without Breaking the Bank

Entertainment Without Breaking the Bank

How to reign in your monthly entertainment cost

The average adult spends $200 per month on subscriptions, many of which are categorized as entertainment. Add in the cost of the occasional theater, concert, or sporting event ticket, and all of a sudden you’re over budget on entertainment spending. Here are a few ways to reign in those costs.  

Rotate Streaming Services. If you want to see the latest season of your favorite show, let the list of episodes build up, subscribe for a month, binge to your heart’s delight, and then cancel. Repeat the process with another service. As long as you remember to keep cancelling this is a great way to watch all your shows at a fraction of the cost.

Buy Tickets Early. If your favorite artist is on tour, sign up on their website or social channels so you can buy tickets early before prices skyrocket. 

Buy Tickets Late. If you miss out on early ticket sales, don’t allow yourself to buy as ticket prices soar. Instead, bide your time and wait until the day of the concert to snag a ticket (at the actual ticket price, or even less) from a last-minute seller. If all else fails, hope it’s recorded and you can watch it online.

Eat (and drink) at Home. Movie theatres make more on concessions than ticket sales. Concerts and sporting events also rake it in from concessions. Try to minimize these non-essentials. You can even bring something from home. 

Look into Season Passes. If you go to the same parks, events, or museums multiple times a year, consider a season pass or membership to save some money. And, if you work for a large employer, ask if there are any discounts available through the company. 

Jean Chatzky

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