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It’s time to hurricane-proof your homeowners’ policy

Unfortunately, even with the nation grappling with coronavirus, hurricane season hasn’t been put on hold. If you live in the Eastern or South-Eastern United States, it’s a good idea to look into updating your homeowners’ insurance now. Here’s how to hurricane-proof your policy.

Understand the Policy

As Money reports, hurricane deductible triggers vary from state to state. In Florida, the higher deductible is activated immediately after a hurricane warning. In Connecticut, a hurricane must reach a certain strength before the hurricane damage deductible is triggered. If your policy isn’t clear about its triggers, contact your agent so you know what you’re dealing with.

Add Flood Coverage

If a hurricane causes water damage to your home, it is usually covered by homeowner’s insurance. However, that’s only if the water enters from the top of the home or water that enters directly into the home. If it comes from the ground, that is considered flooding. In that case, you need separate flood insurance to be covered.

Don’t Forget Your Car

Your home isn’t the only major purchase in danger during hurricane season. Make sure you have your car covered, too. As long as your auto insurance has comprehensive coverage, you’ll be good. This policy covers damage from things like theft, floods and hurricanes.

Boost Your Wind Protection

Some homeowners’ policies give consumer premium discounts if they update their homes to make them less susceptible to wind damage. Check into your policy to see if this is applicable.

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