Dough-less Donations

Ways to help those in need that don’t involve money

The pandemic is going to make the holiday season tougher on many people. That makes helping others during this time more important than ever. You’re probably already thinking, “money is a bit tight for me this year,” but remember — you don’t have to donate cash. Here are some ways to help those in need that don’t involve spending a dime.

Donate Used Items

Look around your home for gently used clothing, books and toys. There’s a good chance once you do, you’ll find plenty of items to donate. Gather all those used items and take them to a local shelter or charity.

Donate From Credit Cards

As USA Today reports, there are ways to donate using your credit cards. You can gift airline miles or rewards points that you aren’t going to use. Simply check with charities and/or your credit card lender to see how this process works.

Donate Time

You can always donate the gift of your time. Look up local food banks or any other charities that are in need of volunteers.

Donate Skills

Many shelters and other charities could use your expertise. Maybe you could help writing resumes. Maybe you could add your math knowhow to an after school program. Think of subjects that you know well and contact local charities that might make a good fit.

Chris O'Shea

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