Call it Down

Lower monthly bills is just a phone call away

Have you ever felt like your monthly expenses are getting out of hand? Well, it’s time to stop paying so much. Yes, you can haggle down your bills, it just takes a little effort. Here are the sort of companies you can negotiate with and how to go about doing it.

Credit Cards

If you’re a loyal credit card user, you may be able to negotiate your way to a lower interest rate. Call the credit card lender and explain that you are being offered lower rates from other customers and that you are looking for the same for them. If they give you a hard time, cite your track record of on-time payments and history with the company and you will take your business elsewhere if you have to.


As US News explains, you can often get a lower cell phone bill as long as you’re not currently under contract. Call your company and ask about a lower monthly payment sometimes called a “bill audit”. Just like the credit card, you’ll want to mention your good payment history and how long you’ve been a loyal customer. If they balk, mention a competitor’s better rate. Phone companies want you paying them, not someone else.


You can often lower your auto and homeowners’ insurance by calling your agents armed with better rates. The agents want you to stick around, so they’ll likely match the offer from the competitor. Another thing to ask about is the company’s menu of discounts for things like bundling policies, added security features, and the like.

Hospital Bills

Believe it or not, you can also likely lower your hospital bill. Simply call and ask for a reduction in the total or an easier payment plan. The key here is to be honest about the financial strain of the bill. Hospitals would rather get some of the money from you than none, so they’ll be happy to work something out.

Chris O'Shea

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