Smarter Prescription Purchases

Ways to keep the cost of prescription pills down

According to a recent study on prescription meds, a person suffering from a chronic illness will spend about $11,000 per year on pills alone. Fortunately, there are ways to cut down on the costs. Below are some tips.

  • Go Generic. Your doctor or pharmacist will often tell you if there’s a generic form of your medication. But if they don’t, be sure to ask. As you might guess, generics are much cheaper than brand name meds. If your doctor says there isn’t a generic form available, ask if there’s another similar medication that does have a generic version.
  • Shop Online. Online pharmacies and mail-order services are often much cheaper than your local pharmacy. However, watch out for scams. As USA Today reports, one way to make sure the online retailer is legit is to look for the “Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS)” seal on the company’s website. This seal means they have completed an accreditation program.
  • Shop Around. Prescription pill costs can vary widely, even within the same city. So do yourself a favor and shop around to make sure you get the best price. is a comparison site we like.
  • Try Without Insurance. Many times pharmacies offer generic drugs at such a heavily discounted price that they’re cheaper than what you’d pay using insurance. Ask about those costs before using your insurance. Just remember, if you don’t use your insurance, the charge won’t count toward your deductible.
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