Smart Shopping

How to save money when buying groceries online

Grocery delivery services can be great in terms of convenience. However, ease of use also sometimes leads to overspending. Here are some ways to insure that you’ll actually save when buying your groceries online.

  • Plan It Out. Before heading online to buy groceries, plan out your meals for the week. This is something you should be doing when buying groceries in the traditional way too.
  • Take Stock. Once you have your meals planned out, do a quick inventory of the foods and household cleaners/supplies you already have on hand. This way you’ll only add necessary items to your online cart.
  • Make The List and Stick to It. Now that you know what you have, you can shop online and only add the items on your list to the cart. A list will help keep you focused. If it’s not on the list, you don’t buy it. Plan and simple. (Note: The list can also be a huge time saver because the site will likely save it. Then you can just rebuy items in the future.)
  • Shop Around. For non-perishables or household supplies, you can likely find good deals by shopping around. Many times Amazon or other large retailers will have these items for less than a grocery store.
  • Think Twice. Grocery delivery sites sometimes offer discounts on items if you subscribe to a certain amount each week/month. However, think twice before doing so. Do you actually use that item enough for it to make financial sense? If not, as US News points out, you’re basically signing up to accumulate products that sit in your pantry.
  • Chris O'Shea

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