How to Save More Money on School Supplies This Year

How to Save More Money on School Supplies This Year

Savvy shopping tips for back to school

Believe it or not, school is about to be back. That means it’s time to think about shelling out cash for back-to-school supplies. Unfortunately, you could be looking at spending plenty. According to the National Retail Federation, the average family spent $864 on school supplies in 2022, up $15 compared to 2021. With that crazy number in mind, here are some ways you can save on back-to-school shopping this year.

Search for Help

Before you do anything, search for coupons, deals, and discounts. Most companies will offer you discounts for signing up for emails. There are also browser extensions and apps that scour websites for the best deals.

Shop Online First

Speaking of online shopping, typically, that’s where you’ll find the best sales and discounts. So don’t just rush out to your favorite retailer. Check the store’s website first to see what is available.

Go Generic

Generic products are almost always cheaper than popular brands. One study found that generics are usually about 25 to 30 percent cheaper than name-brand products. That discount adds up when you have to purchase a lot of items.

Leave the Kids at Home

If you have to shop at a brick-and-mortar retailer, go by yourself. We know it’s not always possible to leave your kids at home when you run errands, but kids have a funny way of adding items to your list. A solo shopping trip is almost always a cheaper shopping trip.

Chris O'Shea

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