How to Save Money on Energy Costs This Summer

How to Save Money on Energy Costs This Summer

Tips for cooling energy costs

Don’t let a fun summer get dragged down by sky-high energy costs. The last thing you want while getting ready to head off to the beach is a huge electric bill. Here are some ways you can lower your utility costs during the dog days of summer.

Get Smart

You can always manually lower your AC at night and when you’re not home. That will save you some cash. However, using a smart thermostat will likely save you even more cash. The thermometer learns your cooling (and heating) habits and adjusts automatically. You can also program it to turn to a specific temp. The automation is great because there will always be times that you forget to manually turn down the AC. And yes, even a couple of degrees helps. For every degree above 78, you can save between four and eight percent on energy costs.

Use a Fan

Don’t let your ceiling fans just sit there. Use them to save money. Turn them counterclockwise in the summer so you can feel the breeze more. Using a ceiling fan in connection with AC will make a room feel an average of four degrees cooler.

Close the Curtains

The sun is your energy-cost enemy. Close your blinds and curtains during the hotter parts of the day to prevent sunlight from overheating the house.

Try Cleaning

Your AC vents and units need to be cleaned to function at their most efficient capacity. Hire a company or do it yourself. Either way, it’s a vital part of saving money on energy costs. In one study, cleaned AC units used between five and 15 percent less energy than uncleaned units.

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