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Some items that are worth buying during end-of-summer sales

Now that the end of summer is on the horizon, it’s time to go on the hunt for deals. That’s because shopping at the end of seasons can be a great way to save some cash. Below are some items (aside from back-to-school products) that are a steal if you purchase them now.

Summer clothes. Apparel retailers are currently clearing shelf space (virtual and physical) for their fall and winter lines. That means all the remaining summer gear is getting massive markdowns. If you know your favorite pair of swim trunks won’t make it past next summer, now is the time to strike.

Camping gear. Campers often stock up on gear in the spring before the season, but a good time to score deals is the end of summer. Outdoor retailers have started discounting their gear because peak camping season is coming to an end. Take advantage of this and replace damaged gear or stock up on items you use often, like water purifiers and lanterns.

Outdoor furniture. When the weather turns colder, fewer people want to eat or relax outside. That means there are plenty of deals to be had on outdoor furniture. Have some patio chairs that are (literally) on their last legs? Look for deals to replace them now.

Summer shoes. Just like with summer clothes, retailers are clearing out summer shoes to make way for fall and winter models. Again, you want to ahead to next summer: Will your boat shoes make it through another season? If not, time to go shopping.

Grills. As US News reports, grills are one exception to this list. If you absolutely need a grill right now, get one. However, if you can wait until Labor Day, you can score a big deal. Grills are typically on sale from Labor Day through October and then new models are brought in. A little patience here and you could end up with a great grill at an even greater price.

Chris O'Shea

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