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How to save money on dog care

Your dog is your best friend, your favorite companion, your sanity. And while there’s no number to quantify the amount of love you have for your fur ball, if there was, it might start somewhere around $1,836. That’s the average amount of money American adult dog owners spend on pet care expenses per year. If that seems steep, here are some ways for you to cut back without Spot noticing a thing.

Pet Sitting Swap

You likely know another dog owner, so why not trade pet-sitting services? When they are traveling, you watch their dog and vice versa. This is a great way to get pet-sitting services without the price tag that comes with it.

Shop Around

If you prefer to board your dog when you travel, make sure you shop around. You can ask fellow dog owners for recommendations and then compare the boarding company’s online reviews and rates. There can be a large discrepancy on prices, so look into at least three boarding companies before choosing one.

Bring Him

Another way to avoid pet-sitting costs when you travel is to bring your dog. As US News reports, many hotels offer pet-friendly rooms, you just have to search them out.

Go Generic

If your dog is ready for more heartworm pills, buy them online instead of from your vet. Online pet med stores carry the generic equivalent to brand name heartworm medications and they are much cheaper.

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