Fuel Savings: Cut Spending at the Pump

cut spending at the pump

Steps to lower your monthly fuel costs

Commuting, running errands, and taking the occasional road trip all require fuel to get you from here to there. If the cost of filling up your car is eating too much of your monthly budget, here are some ideas to help you save money.   

Plan Out Your Day. Drive fewer miles, and use less gas. If you can plan your day or your whole week so that you’re leaving the house fewer times to go to more needed places with each trip, you’ll save miles.

Carpool or Share the Driving. Driving to work every day can be a hefty burden, particularly in a city where you have to pay for parking and tolls. Find a buddy to split the cost. If you can’t find someone in your office, hit your neighborhood Facebook groups or ask friends for recommendations.

Take Care of Your Car. When was your last oil change? Tire rotation? Checked air filters? Regular maintenance can improve your fuel economy – and save money all around. Also, pay attention to how you’re driving. Hard braking, rapid acceleration, and even idling can eat up more gas than necessary. 

Compare Prices Before You Fill Up. Apps like Gas Buddy and Waze aggregate gas price information. They can show you where the cheapest gas is found before you go looking. 

Hint: If you’re a Costco member, that’s often a good place to start.

Stockpile Rewards and Loyalty Points. Shopping at a particular grocery store or gas station, or using a gas-back credit card, can translate to significant cents off each gallon. Make sure you’re signed up for these programs – and have the apps loaded on your phone. 


Jean Chatzky

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