Finding the Best Deal on a New TV

finding the best deal on a new tv

Handy guide for TV shopping

Football season is almost over, which means TVs are about to go on sale. That’s right, many retailers discount TVs during the weeks before the Super Bowl (Sunday February 12). With deals to be had, it’s not a bad time to upgrade your TV if you’re in the market. Here is a handy guide for finding the best TV at the best price possible.

Sizing Your New TV

There is no hard and fast rule for how to select the right size TV. However, it’s something you should consider before shopping for one.

  • Is your current TV the right size or do you want something larger?
  • If you go bigger, will it take over the room or will it fit nicely into your space?

There are online calculators that will supposedly give you the right size TV for your room, but a TV is just like any furniture — it’s really up to you what you think looks best. Remember: The bigger the TV, the more expensive it will be.

TV Technology

If you’re big on TV tech, then make sure you do plenty of research into the latest trends. For most people though, the difference between OLED and 4K and all the other things don’t matter much. TVs have become so good that even poorly-crafted units look pretty great.

Brand Names

As we mentioned, TV technology has come a long way. That means you shouldn’t be scared off by a brand you don’t recognize. If the TV is the right size and price, go for it. The days of only Sony, LG and others making quality TVs are over.

Shopping Deals

Once you have a TV in mind, it’s time to go shopping. You should wait until the week prior to the Super Bowl so that you get the most bang for your buck. Compare prices across at least three different retailers so you know you’re getting the best deal.

Chris O'Shea