Beauty on a Budget

beauty on a budget

Personal care on a budget

It can be very easy to let beauty and grooming expenses creep up beyond the range of acceptable. You know how it happens, the manicure becomes a gel manicure becomes a gel manicure with a design. Ka-ching. Here’s how to bring the spending down to earth.

Set a Personal Care Budget. This is one of those categories where lifestyle creep sets in fast.  As you look at where your money is going, set an amount that seems reasonable for beauty and personal care expenses. Look for areas to cut back or reallocate funds from another budget area to get what you need.

Do-it-yourself (DIY). There are some things you can do without the help of a pro at a salon like a root touchup or manicure with clear polish. If you need a weekly blow-out, owning a better hair dryer or hot tools may solve that problem. That one-time expense may help keep monthly costs down.

Stretch Out Time Between Visits. If you get a haircut every three weeks, by stretching it to four weeks, you eliminate four visits a year. If you have bangs or a beard, invest in a good pair of scissors or some clippers, hit YouTube, and learn how to do the in-between trims solo.

Buy in Bulk. Many salons have loyalty programs to purchase a certain number of blow-outs, for example, or color treatments at a discount. If you’re a new customer, look for coupons. Ask to be added to the mailing list for specials and holiday offers.

Go Minimal. Minimalist beauty is on trend. The idea is that you slim down the number of products and treatments in your regimen and adopt a slightly more natural look. Every product that can do double duty – a blush that can also be a lipstick, a sunscreen that is also a primer or tinted moisturizer – is another you don’t have to re-buy.  

Jean Chatzky

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