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How to safely use budgeting apps

Budgeting apps can be a great way to keep your finances in check. Everything you need — from bill due dates to expenses to savings updates — is located in one convenient place. However, with anything tech-related, there are always questions about the safety of these apps. Here are some tips for using budgeting apps in a smart, safe way.

Use Big Names

You can’t usually go wrong by going with a popular budgeting app. The key is to avoid apps that you’ve never heard of or have few positive reviews. Popular apps are typically held to a higher standard than others, so if there is a data breach, it will be caught and ended quickly.

Be Selective

You don’t want to just use your budgeting app whenever or wherever. For example, you should never use your budgeting app when it’s connected to public wi-fi. There are no security layers with public wi-fi, which leaves you wide open to hackers.

Get Complicated

Just like you should be mindful of when you use your budgeting app, you should be diligent about its password. Your password should be complicated and unique. You should also change the password every few months. Use a password generator if you have trouble creating (and managing) complex passwords.

Keep Up

As US News reports, always make an effort to keep your budget updated. Typically, when apps inform you of an update, it includes additional security measures.

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