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What to buy during the first six months of 2019

The first month of the new year is almost over. Have you already busted your “spend less” resolution? If so, perhaps a little planning might help. Here’s what to shop for during the first six months of the year. Follow this guide to help get that resolution back on track.


What to Buy: The last days of January are a great time to find discounts on winter clothing. Stock up on everything from gloves to sweaters.


What to Buy: Get a deal on a new HDTV right before the Super Bowl on February 3. You’ll also find jewelry gets a big markdown after Valentine’s Day. As US News reports, you’ll find also find discounts on appliances and mattresses during President’s Day weekend.


What to Buy: Looking to take a cruise? March is the best month to get your tickets, as most people begin booking summer trips during this time. The influx of consumers forces cruise operators to drop prices in the hopes of luring travelers to their boat instead of a competitors.


What to Buy: With spring cleaning on the minds of many consumers, prices will drop for all sorts of home goods, cleaning products and small appliances. You’ll also notice deals on Easter formal wear during the week prior to the holiday.


What to Buy: Memorial Day is a great day to buy all sorts of appliances, from washers to refrigerators. There will also be deals on spring clothing, as many retailers start pushing out summer clothing.


What to Buy: June brings Father’s Day, which means sales on products men are stereotypically supposed to enjoy: Tools, grills and tech.

Chris O'Shea

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