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How to land a job that you’re not qualified for

Have you ever applied for a job that lists qualifications that you simply don’t possess? If not, you should. That’s the takeaway from a new report from the global staffing company Robert Half, which found that 84 percent of HR managers claimed their company would hire an employee whose skills could be developed down the road. Here are some tips for applying for a job that you’re not qualified for.

Connect the Skills

As USA Today reports, your best bet to land the job as an under-qualified candidate is to connect the skills you do have to the ones the employer wants. Perhaps discuss a scenario at a previous job that displays the skill the interviewer desires.

Be Honest

You need to be upfront about everything. If you lack a hard type of qualification, like a professional certification, say that and add that you’re eager to gain that knowledge. If you simply don’t know something, it’s fine to say that too. The key is to also sell the interviewer on how excited you are to learn new skills and how confident you are that you’ll be able to get them under your belt.

Stay Positive

Another way to land a job that you’re not qualified for is to remain upbeat and positive. Shockingly, employers want workers who want to work, so showcasing your positive attitude about learning new skills will go a long way. “You need to show the person doing the hiring that you’re a risk worth taking,” explained Robert Half Executive Director Paul McDonald. “There’s no one formula for doing that, but being open to added training is a big part of the process. A good attitude and showing a history of learning as you go may get you the chance you hope for.”

Chris O'Shea

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