Considerations for Taking Social Security Benefits

Considerations for Taking Social Security Benefits

Signs that you might want to take Social Security benefits

One school of thought is to wait as long as possible before taking Social Security benefits. The longer you can wait, the larger your potential payouts may be. However, putting it off too long is not a feasible option for many individuals. Here are a few signs that it’s time to start taking your benefits.

Health Decline

While waiting to take Social Security may increase future payouts, if your health is in decline you might want to consider taking payments early. Yes, you may forgo larger future payments, but those funds could help with medical bills. 

Family Longevity

You may consider taking Social Security earlier rather than later if there are health and longevity concerns in your family history. While family history doesn’t always mean a shorter lifespan, it is a consideration when thinking about how and when to receive your Social Security benefits.

Expenses are Mounting

You may think about taking your benefits early if your overall expenses are piling up. You could take payments earlier to cover expenses so you can enjoy your golden years.

Leaving the Workplace

Life is simply too short to continue working, especially if your job is physically taxing or hazardous to your overall health. If you want or need to end your working years —and you’re only working to ensure you get the highest benefits possible, consider drawing your benefits early.

Do One Thing: Consider your personal financial and health situation when deciding when to take Social Security benefits. The general rule of thumb is to wait as long as possible so your potential future payouts are larger.

This is intended for educational purposes only. When considering your Social Security benefits, consult a trusted financial advisor who specializes in tax planning to help you make the optimal decision for your situation.

Chris O'Shea

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