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How to get the most out of unwanted gift cards

Gift cards are great… If they’re attached to retailers you actually patronize. If they’re not, they can feel like dead weight and wasted money. Don’t let your unwanted gift cards go to waste. There are many sites that will purchase your card and give you something you actually want in return. Here are some of the best.


On CardCash, you can either sell your card for cash or trade them in for certificates to retailers that you do enjoy. If you choose to sell your card, the return is usually pretty solid. As US News reports, you’ll typically receive about 92 percent of the gift card’s value. Generally speaking, the more popular the retailer, the more value you’ll get for your card.


ClipKard might be your go-to if you find yourself selling gift cards often. The site offers a quote tool that will give you an idea about how much your card will be worth. The perk with ClipKard is that for every card you sell (or buy), you get rewards points that can be used for discounts on ClipKard purchases.


Raise allows you to sell your gift card and, unlike some other sites, you get to set the price. It’s free to list your card, but once someone buys it, you’ll give Raise a 15 percent commission. You can sell cards with a partially used balance, but the card’s total balance must be below $2,000.

Chris O'Shea

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