The Easy Path to Frugality

Some simple ways you can be more frugal

You can be more frugal with your money if you want to be. There’s no trick to it, it’s all about little, daily behavior changes that add up over time. Check out some of these tips below.

Go Generic

It’s time to embrace generic versions of everything. The next time you go to the grocery store, buy as many store brand products as possible. The next time you buy Advil or allergy medicine, opt for the generic version. As US News reports, store brands usually have the same exact ingredients as name-brand products, and are almost always cheaper.

Avoid Waste

Try being more mindful about waste. How often do you buy produce only for it to end up in the trash or compost? Instead of buying with the future in mind, buy with the present in mind. For example, if you’ve been paying for HBO but haven’t actually watched one its shows in months, cut it loose. If there does come a day when you want to watch a HBO show, trust us, you can start paying for it again.

Try Used

There’s really no need to buy brand new items all the time. Even buying a new car can be a big mistake, as its value depreciates so rapidly. Alter your approach to spending by focusing more on used items and hand-me-downs. (It’s good for the environment, too.)

Plan It

One way to cut back on spending and be more frugal overall is to increase your planning. Map out meals ahead of time to avoid hemorrhaging cash at the grocery store. Create, and stick to, a detailed monthly budget to keep your savings goals on track.

Chris O'Shea

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