Moving Right

Some ways to save when moving out of state

Moving is expensive, but there’s another level to it when you have to move to another state. Suddenly everything goes up in price, and you can be left scrambling to recover. Fortunately there are some ways to save some cash when moving out of state. Below are some tips.

  • Scale Down. Way before you actually move, attempt to scale down your possessions. Hold a garage sale, sell things you no longer use on eBay, etc. Not only will this reduce how much you have to pack and (possibly) pay movers to transport, you’ll add some much needed extra cash to your wallet.
  • Reuse. Do not buy boxes. We repeat: Do not buy boxes. At roughly a few dollars each, boxes might seem inexpensive. But the costs add up quickly. According to‘s Moving Cost Calculator, the average homeowner looking to move a three bedroom house with two kids needs 31 large boxes (at $4.00 each, $124 total) and 45 medium boxes ($2.20 each, $99 total). And that’s the bare minimum. The site also suggests wardrobe boxes and small boxes. Instead of paying for boxes, call local retailers for used boxes and look online for people giving away their boxes. The savings are real.
  • Shop Around. If you need to use a moving company, shop around for the best price available. Marketwatch suggests considering alternatives to big moving companies. Some smaller companies, like Pods, make moving more affordable by storing your things in a large container that is shipped along with other containers.
  • Take It Slow. Once you arrive at your new home, it can be tempting to want to buy all new furniture, lighting and more. However, try to take it slow. After all, you just moved in. You’ve got time. No need to bust your budget when you can spread the spending over a few months or even years.
  • Chris O'Shea

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