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Some ways to reduce your cellphone bill

Your daily life now likely involves spending a lot of time on your phone. That’s because we live online more than ever and our phones are essentially tiny computers. Everything is a just a finger-tip press away. Of course phone carriers have noticed that increase in phone dependence, and have likewise increased the price to use one. Here are some ways to reduce your phone bill while still using it as often as you do now.

Go No Contract

One way to save on your phone bill is to switch to a no-contract plan. Current contract plans are really just a way to finance your phone, with the cost of it built into every bill. If you use a no-contact plan you’ll have to pay the full price of your new phone upfront, but your monthly bills will be lower because you’re no longer on the hook for that phone. Note: A twist on this is to keep the phone after you have paid it off.

Study Your Data

No matter what your data plan is, you should use wi-fi as often as possible. You pay for data usage via your plan, you don’t pay for wi-fi usage. Having said that, you can likely lower your bill by examining your data usage. Are you constantly getting charged for going over the limit? You might save money by switching to an unlimited data plan. If you rarely use data, you can try switching to a lower-tier plan to save some cash.

Consider Sharing

If you have phone-using teens at home, consider switching to a family plan. These plans are typically cheaper than having a few individual plans. Just remember to use wi-fi as often as possible and monitor data usage closely.

Go Paperless

As US News reports, most cell carries will give you a discount if you switch to paperless billing. It’s usually a small discount, but every little bit helps.

Chris O'Shea

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